13 Reasons for Einstein's Animal Worlds

Man monkeys, hold on.

Irons, rhizomes, nails, chamois, and many others. All of them are from a family of vultures which are not without reason for the most intelligent birds. Scientists call them miles of "pernicious primates."

  1. I can discern the cause and effect

In the test, novocaledonic bogs were placed in a fenced area where the rod would emerge from the hidden space. They used two scenarios : the first man entered the room before the stick moved and went after it. In the other, the man would remain hidden. In the first case, the crows would be much more relaxed, linking the rod movement to the presence of man. They would look for food and behave normally. In the second case the crow would not know the reason for the presence of the stick and be vigilant.

  1. Understand different volume of water

It was established in the test of tubes not only that the feathers can distinguish between water and sand, but also the diversity of water volume. Just like in the basins, they considered the relationship between causes and consequences by choosing options that raise water levels to get food. They also have shown the advantage of the tube from which they will profit from the least invested work. Such dosages have shown that intelligence at the level of the first.

  1. They have misplaced and can transfer it to other worms
  2. Scientists sometimes wear masks when they have to catch and mark the rocks, because the fawns recognize the face . Not only that, but even transmitted to other worms that testify about their communication. All is explained here .

    1. Perform Funeral

    When the crows die they often see other crows gather and create a lot of noise – just like humans. The reason for this was unknown until 2015. The crowds are gathered around their dead in order to find out about the dangers that they are threatening with them

    1. They're smart enough to be paranoid
    2. It has recently been discovered that they possess something known as the theory of the mind – otherwise people are a peculiar cognitive mechanism for recognizing mental states in themselves and the knowledge that others have mental states that may differ from their own. When they want to hide food for later, they are more careful when they are near another bird.

      1. Can Complex Multiple Steep Puzzles

      Weasels that were not laboratory, but wild, addressed a complex puzzle of 8 individual steps that had to be resolved in a very specific order to free food.

      1. I can create tools myself

      We already knew that dungeons can use tools but what if there is nothing available? He's gonna do something alone . Not only that, but will also save the tool for later rather than forget it after a one-time use.

      1. Socially Exclude Selfish Individuals

      Vrane does not have Facebook to remove others from friends or mobile lists to ignore sms, but practice similar social distancing to those who disavow them which has only been noted people and chimpanzees.

      1. I can practice self-control

      Vrana does not only trigger instinct – can experience anticipation and self-control if the end result is a higher prize . Just Like Children in Stanford Marshmallow Experiment .

      1. I can plan the future and share things

      When dressed in using the nail tools they see it as a value they can put aside for future use . The next study suggested that the villains make decisions for the future outside their current sensory context, just like a monkey.

      1. Check out the people who were good toward them

      Study included crowds and people exchanging low-quality (high-quality) bread (cheese). One experimentist would be honestly traded with the bull, and the other would have beaten the bull, so after giving bread in exchange for cheese – he had eaten cheese. After a month, three men came back to eat again: honest experimenters, dishonest and neutral that they had not seen so far. The bulls would remember that honest and only exchange with him.

      1. Use Communication gestures

      Just like babies before they learn to talk, crows communicate using gestures . Like collecting items and showing them to other worms or delivering objects to others, as shown in the study .

      1. Want to play

        Explanations are unnecessary, see video .

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