A lot of reading has to do with empathy

Rejoice with bookmakers because it was the wrong guy who told you that you are acting asocially because of obsession with the books. The new study suggests that people who regularly read, especially fiction or fiction, actually have more empathy.

The research carried out by the British Kingston University in London was presented at a British Psychological Society conference in Brighton. He also showed that those who only watch television less understand the other people.

Scientists questioned 123 people about their preferences for books, television, and performances. They are also asked what they prefer, from comedy and romance to drama and publicity.

They then tested their interpersonal skills and were questioned about behavior toward others, for example, whether they respect other people's feelings, understand and respect other people's attitudes, and help other people. Based on these responses, scientists found some interesting results.

Those who read more, and this fiction, show much more positive social behavior and a better ability to compassionate with others. "The findings support previous studies that exposure to fiction is associated with a host of empathic abilities," said Rose Turner's head of study.

Scientists have concluded that those who regularly read fiction are adapted to view things from other perspectives, making them better in understanding people. By reading fiction, people focus on the minds and feelings of characters, and the parts of the brain that serve to understand the feelings and thoughts of others work full of steam while processing the story being read.

Anyway, they admit that their study did not conclude whether it is causality – whether reading you sympathetic or compassionate people is prone to reading fiction. Likewise, no matter how small a sample research was, it must be admitted to match those studies that were made earlier in the same topic, 2006 and 2013.

There is still a need for further study to deepen this issue, and in the meantime you can reach for which book. Who knows, maybe make the world a better and more empathetic place.

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