A smart toothbrush will reveal heart problems

Spanish scientists work diligently on developing smart toothbrushes that will be able to detect early signs of certain health problems and ultimately prevent premature death from heart disease. Sounds great, but what exactly is it?

A smart toothbrush is developed which takes the data from the saliva and then precisely detects changes in the body indicating potential heart failure.

Cardiologist Alvaro Marco del Castillo, who works with a team of scientists at the design of such a toothbrush, said: "With information on heart rate, blood pressure, and biological saliva samples, it will be possible to prevent the development of dangerous illnesses and help patients to account about your health. I collaborate on this project with one of the leading technology companies. So far the technical and design gadgets have been completed, but we keep it secret until all the details are completed, "he said.

Del Castillo maintains that a new smart toothbrush could find a risk of potential heart failure and its owner to encourage, if necessary, to address a doctor.

A Spanish cardiologist and his colleagues believe that if their invention survives, the use of such a modern toothbrush becomes routine and thanks to which they will be able to receive important information on the individual's health condition every day. Namely, a huge number of people die of a heart attack or its consequences.

Possible signs that a potential heart attack is a feeling of nausea, cold sweat and drowsiness. In men it is the most common sign of pain in the area of ​​the chest, while women may have symptoms of shortness of breath, nausea and painful jaws.

During a heart attack, blood clots block the flow of blood through the coronary arteries or blood vessels that feed the bloodstream of the heart muscle, causing higher levels of sodium to accumulate in the stomach. Measuring its level with the help of a smart toothbrush would allow doctors to diagnose the problem at an early stage and try to prevent the consequences, say researchers from the Ramon y Cajal hospital in Madrid.

Perform tests at the same time that would allow a smart brush to monitor blood pressure and blood oxygen levels. The same team of scientists Dr. Del Castillo has helped in making a "smart t-shirt" that tracks vital signs in patients.

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