About Us


The portal was created in February 2016 with the goal of both regional and content development.

Content always strives to accurately, objectively and timely inform its readers of all the facts from all spheres of life, respecting the postulates of journalistic profession and professional standards. The portal with its texts points to current problems in different areas, with the goal of positive social changes, but above all affirms positive values, people and events that contribute to creating a healthy and positive atmosphere in society. The content of the portal has been constantly increasing and progressing since its creation.

Advertising, besides being the most visited internet medium in region, is surely the most successful when it comes to internet advertising. Through the long-term investment in the development of internet advertising in region and constant innovation, a large number of domestic and global clients have recognized the benefits of the Internet as the new and probably the most efficient channel for sending messages to their target groups and have chosen our portal as a strategic partner in online marketing.