Adolescent Bleeds Are Good For Mental Health

Today, many stores and bookstores can buy adult coloring books. Their authors claim they are a great way to relax and resolve stress, and the latest research carried out by scientists from New Zealand is also supported.

According to their findings, adult colorants have a lot of mental health benefits and are very good at reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

They appeared about two years ago and have become a big hit in the world. For example, The Secret Garden was on Amazon at the top of the top list of best-selling books.

Lovers of such books believe that their hobby is very relaxed and provokes a sense of nostalgia. By coloring, they develop their creativity and exclude themselves from a modern world that is increasingly dominated by technology.

Psychologists at the University of Otago in New Zealand found it enough to be afraid of just 10 minutes a day to improve their mood.

This unusual activity that was used in childhood could be a cheap and accessible self-help tool to relieve the symptoms of certain mental problems. The study included 115 women between the ages of 18 and 36. One group of women used coloring, while in the other women they played "brains" like a sudoku. Experts have found that those women who used color for a week showed less symptoms of anxiety and anxiety. Interestingly, the participants from both groups said they feel more calm.

One of the authors of the study, Dr. Tamlin Conner, says coloring within a given line may be very soothing for stressed people. Similarly, gardening and cooking work.

Main author Jayde Flett says that now is to discover the true reason why and how coloring works favorably on various psychological conditions. "Many people say that coloring achieves a state of calm as in meditation and is associated with diminished activity in the amygdala or with changes in brain waves activity. However, we have proven that thought activity is not the main driver of change, because people who have solved "brainballs" also felt calm, "Flett said.

Since they have no risk and are readily available, scientists say that adult coloring books are likely to be included in a list of creative activities to improve mental health.

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