Bizarre scenes of frozen aligators

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They look weird, but they're nothing. It's a crap.

A video depicting aligators with only storms of frozen wetland waters in North Carolina became virulent after the Shallotte River Swamp Park set on YouTube. Everything is full of disgusted comments that make the whole scene look like an aligator cemetery. However, it is something quite natural and alligators will not happen.

These alligators definitely did not die, they are just in a state of dementia. It is a semi-acne where animals lower their body temperature and slow down their metabolism to adapt to cold conditions.

However, to be able to breathe, alligators have just pushed the muzzle over the surface of the water (ie the ice). Just like lizards, alligators can survive temperatures below zero. All reptiles, as we know, are cold-blooded, so when the temperature falls, they simply slice down as their body cools down. From this immobile condition can be reset when the ambient temperature is restarted.

Everyone explained the manager of the said swamp park, George Howard. "They just push their nose out to breathe and they're perfectly fine," Howard said. "It's an absolutely brilliant survival technique. These guys are strong and resistant for millions of years and they will remain. "

As we know, the wave of earthquake in the United States, and these alligators would ordinarily polyclibernate at the bottom of the swamp, leaving at least once a day on the air surface. However, this is not the usual time and after the cyclone bombs it seems that alligators adopt different survival techniques by positioning the nose to the surface.

"This is an interesting behavior, because it is the opposite of what most crocodiles do," explained retired ecologist James Perran Ross. "The common response when it comes to the cold is to get out of the water and try to get warm again." This is obviously not an option because of the very low temperatures that could be dangerous for alligators.

"In that state they are still alive, they are still moving but very weak." Alligators can live in conditions when the water temperatures are about 4 degrees Celsius, but in such ice conditions, Howard thinks the reptiles will survive only about a week.

There is no place to worry, because the ice with pictures and videos – dissolves

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