Can I Implant In The Chest Save The Bullet?


Results of a series of ballistic tests

Every so big is a bizarre story of the rescue role of "artificial" breasts, whether silicone or physiological implants. What was interesting was the news that seven years ago raised the suspicion that the implant had saved the life of the victim of the scrape.

The woman had been shot in the chest, and the doctor's statement went unmistakably in that direction that the victim, thanks to the inserts in the chest, is still alive today

Is there any luck in the aforementioned case, or can the breast implant truly be a viable way of protecting the upcoming bullet? The plastic surgeons at Utah's University tried to find out the truth about this problem.

Their study, published in the Journal of Forensic Sciences consisted of a series of ballistic tests. They were shot in physiological implants with a gun to see if the implant could change the speed or the bullet trajectory to reduce the chance of injury

The distance from the shot was only 2.5 meters, and behind the fake breast they put a ball of ballistic gelatin. This gel is consistency and resistance as well as human muscle tissue. There was also a shooting from the same distance in the ballistic gel, just that way without a physiological implant.

Their research concluded that the chest implant "significantly reduces penetration of ballistic gel". With no implants, the shot went into a gel at a depth of 40.2 inches. When the implant was in front of the gel, it penetrated only 31.9 centimeters into the gel itself

"You can imagine them as small airbags," said chief study author Christopher Pannucci. He added that the evidence provided suggests that the chest implant could, under the circumstances, protect the chest from a sore throat, a knife, a fall or a traffic accident

However, it would be naïve to think that breast augmentation is a safe way of surviving the shotgun. The bullet continues to penetrate fully into the ballistic gait of 31.9 cm. Furthermore, such an injury would probably include a snout of implants likely to come with a list of complications.

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