Climate changes will ground maybe a third of the aircraft

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Another consequence of rising temperature

Due to increasingly frequent thermal shocks and rising temperatures as elements of global warming, we could experience the next decades to land up to one-third of the aircraft. This would be the worst hit by those airports in Dubai and New York, says a recent study.

Airline companies would be forced to reduce their number of passengers, amount of cargo or fuel, all for safer takeaway. Induction, in turn, reduces the ability of the wing to produce bait, explained US experts.

There is a expectation that the global temperature by 2100 will rise by three degrees Celsius. Anyway, more than what the aviation industry is threatening to be waves of disgusting heat, the warner states in a study published in a recognized scientific journal Climate Change .

The maximum annual daily temperatures at airports could reach between 7 and 14 degrees by 2018, leading to expensive cancellations or delayed flights, according to researchers at the University. In those hottest parts of the day, between 10 and 30 percent of full-fledged aircraft would have to reduce the burden so that it could take off. For example, this means that a 160-seat airplane had to throw up to 13 passengers.

Only the costs of canceling or delaying flights would hit other parts of the economy, warned experts. "Our results indicate that weight reduction could lead to unnecessary costs," said Ethan Coffel, a leading author of a study and scientist from Columbia University in New York.

In June of this year there were news of landing a large number of flights to Arizona due to extreme heat, and aerial flights to the Middle East and South America delayed their schedules until later evening hours to make it easier to fly.

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