Created Robot Sweeps While Exercise

The University of Tokyo is again surprised by the reach of robotics.

Kenshiro and his younger "brother" Kengoro are two sympathetic robots that are made with the incredible similarity of human anatomy at the University of Tokyo. The unique design of these two robots makes them capable of moving in a way that is similar to a natural human motion than any other pre-made robot.

Also, Kengor's ability to exercise is at an enviable level for most people. The robot in question is able to work on squats, abdomen, even stretching exercises. However, his most advanced ability he possesses is the possibility of sweating. Yes, that's right.

A machine that allows a robot to move like a man gets warm, requiring water to circulate through its metal frame to cool. Through the holes in the "skirt" passes the steam to achieve cooling.

It may be strange that the engineers made two cousins ​​of robots so they could study human movements more closely. In the long run, however, these robots could be used as collision testing dolls as their mobility can give more accurate results than ordinary stationary puppets.

While their technology advances even more in the future, Kengoro and Kenshiro robots could be the inspiration for real-life robots seeking and rescuing life.

At this moment, we still do not know where the bonding of robotics and artificial intelligence will bring us. It seems we are still far enough from the level of AIi robots from the Westworld series, where humans and robots are virtually really difficult to distinguish. Yet, we seem to approach this idea. People are already thinking of the enormous step that would be the merger of the Kengo human movement and virtually the human intelligence of Sophie, the robot of Hanson Robotics.

Both of these technologies are developing faster and more advanced. The applications that such a powerful technology to have on the entire society are immeasurable. While this is still in the background let's look at the video of a robot that exerts and sweats it.

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