Do cats come and when no one is near?

Why do the cats even fly? Eternal question. People think that spinning is a sign of cat luck, which is indeed, but this is not the only cause why cats release that special sound. It is already coming to the beginning of the cat's life, even at breastfeeding, so it is already clear that this sound is not exclusively related to humans.

Cats owners know for sure that their cat's pets can produce multiple types of sprouts, similar to having a whole repertoire of different types of bouts. The sound that produces a kitten during sucking is quite different from the sound that can be heard as a sound when it comes to enjoying the pats.

Analyzes have shown that the sound of sprouts when it comes to eating food, either from the owner or the mother, is much higher, and at a frequency similar to crying (though not so loud). When people cuddle their cats, the spine is smoother and more sleepy, and acoustic analyzes have shown that the "weeping" component is missing.

Adult cats are in front and when they are close or in physical contact with another cat. They will do it sometimes even when they play some fixed object or when they eat. This happens even when the cats are themselves. Most often, however, they will overcome when they are in society when they want food or attention.

Veterinarians also say that cats are over when they are suffering severe pain or just before their deaths. This can seem illogical if the sound binds with pleasure, but it may also be a sign that the cat wants help. It could also be a way of masking that they are vulnerable and injured. A small animal, even when it is a predator, is not likely to show signs of weakness.

It has been arguing for years that the "big cats" can be cut off and it was mostly believed that crawling cats, like tigers and lions, can not. If I can – well do it.

Mammals in the throat have a number of bones that support the throat and tongue. For cats that rip this part is not completely bony, as with other cats, but is partly made up of cartilage, which allows them to cure, but also likely prevents the sprout.

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