Forget BMI, there is a much more accurate method

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BMI may become a thing of the past because there is a BVI.

Body mass index (BMI) based on weight and height ratios became famous in the 1830s but is now considered a relatively non-sophisticated method.

first May, a team of scientists from the Mayo Clinic announced the BVI (Body Volume Indicator), a new weight-health assessment tool. The point of this method is to compare the total body volume with the abdominal volume. Measurement can be done manually or using an application.

"Our strata can provide a key insight into our health," said Jose Medina Inojos, a specialist in preventive cardiology at Mayo Clinic. Several studies have already noted the link between large amounts of abdominal fat and increased risk of heart disease and diabetes.

In a major study in 2012, scientists looked at data from more than 340,000 Europeans and found that people who were overweight and large (87.63 cm or more for women and 101.6 cm and above For men) had almost the same risk of developing diabetes as those who were clinically obese. One of the most dangerous traps of BMI is the fact that you do not count abdominal fat. Also, some skinny people with a large amount of muscle may have BMI that would qualify them under "overweight."

Public health experts have for years acknowledged that BMI is not perfect and that improved metrics should include the scope of the profession. Scientists are still not sure why excess fat around the waist is associated with negative health outcomes, but believe that abdominal or visceral fat can interfere with the normal functioning of our internal organs

For health is not a matter of how much pounds you have, but how much abdominal fat you have, the conclusion is from Harvard written in 2005. "Measuring weight and abdominal fat," says Medina Inojos, "BVI offers a new, improved Potential diagnostic tool. "

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