Google in the service of detecting depression?

Looking for depression now expect a questionnaire.

Google is developing a tool that should help diagnose depression. It's not a real diagnosis, of course, but Google seems hopeful that using its new questionnaire will still help some people in the case of the symptoms of depression themselves go to seek the help of experts.

Not too many people suffering from depression get timely all the help they need, so Google has decided to stop and take over the thing in their hands. So far, Google has a medically confirmed anonymous questionnaire, and this questionnaire looks for signs of clinical depression among the examinees. The most interesting part is that the same questionnaire will be offered to everyone who puts in the search engine issues related to depression.

Of course, the results of this online questionnaire can not yet determine whether someone is suffering from clinical depression, but may provide some useful information that some users may relate to their doctor.

The introduction of such a questionnaire is mostly characterized as raising awareness of the presence of depression and the problems that it brings with it. It also serves as a stimulus to cure, and is also part of the bigger activity of large internet companies that offer their customers useful and mentally healthy potentially critical information.

"The test results can actually help people better understand their condition before talking to a doctor. People who have symptoms of depression such as anxiety, insomnia or fatigue are often waiting for 6 to 8 years to go with treatment, "explains the National Alignment for Mental Illness, which also created a questionnaire (called PHQ-9) in collaboration with Google

Facebook is currently testing artificial intelligence that can detect suicidal tendencies, and for some time, Instagram has offered support to those users whose friends have reported worrying announcements.

At this time, it is not known what impact and impact will have the questionnaire mentioned, nor will it be better than the things that the user would discover through regular search, but time would probably prove to be beneficial to our collective mental health.

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