Here's why it's good to listen to music while we work

Although some people prefer to work in peace and quiet, here's a good news for anyone who loves listening to music at work or at home while doing their job.

In a study conducted by Simone Ritter from Radboud University in Holland and Sam Ferguson of the Faculty of Technology in Sidney, scientists have been studying how listening to music influences the work that people do. They focused on studying how listening to different types of music affects different types of thinking as compared to work in silence.

Research results showed that cheerful music improved divergent thinking among the respondents. Such an opinion is associated with creativity. However, they discovered that such a kind of music has no influence on the convergent thinking that serves us to solve the problem.

155 students participated in the study. They were divided into 5 groups. Each group had to perform a certain task. Respondents in four groups solved the problem as they listened to classical music, whose purpose was to create certain moods. For example, they listened to Holst's Mars and Vivaldi Spring. Respondents from the heel group worked in silence

Experts came to the conclusion that respondents who worked with music had more original ideas.

Ritter and Ferguson said: "This project has shown a potential link between listening to music and divergent and convergent creativity. We have shown that listening to cheerful music (eg, classical music that improves mood) is associated with increasing divergent thinking rather than convergent. "

So, from this research it could be concluded that listening to more polite and cheerful music could help in cognitive processes. However, if we try to solve a problem, it may be better to opt for peace and quiet.

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