If you are a true maheri in these games it is a sign of intelligence


If you play LOL or DOTA 2, you could be more intelligent than other video game players. Scientists have proven that these two games are similar to chess and can be compared to the IQ test

Games like the League of Legends (LOL) and DOTA 2 are complex, interactive and intellectually demanding games, and success can be compared to IQ success, discovered by scientists from the University of York.

– Earlier research has shown that people who are good at strategic games like chess have higher IQ, explained Professor Alex Wade, adding that their research will link success in video games with intelligence.

In both games, more players are involved in the teams and play online. The pocket is by strategically winning a five-player opposing team.

In one study, the Yorka team managed to combine success in LOL with a standard IQ test. The second part of the research analyzed data from large groups of over 1000 people who played various video games.

It was shown that success in the First Person Shooter games has no link to the player's IQ test.

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