Marriage Reduces Risk of Dementia

Spouses share something more than their last name.

Samci have 42 percent higher risk of dementia than married people, in short, what the results of a new study show. When it comes to widows and widows, they have 20 percent more chance of dementia.

London University researchers have researched the results of as many as 15 separate studies studying the relationship between two things: dementia and marital status. This is how 800,000 people worldwide have been analyzed, which is not a small number.

According to Dr. Laure Phipps of British Institute for Alzheimer's Disease, there are great health benefits of marriage. "People who are married are mostly financially better, and this is one factor that is intertwined with many aspects of our health. Spouses can help each other in stimulating healthy habits, can look after partners' health, and provide important social support, "explained Phipps.

Psychiatrist Andrew Sommerlad, who was one of those who worked on the research, pointed out that conducting a healthy lifestyle has a very positive impact on mental health. "When developing dementia, inter alia, there is the accumulation of damage within the brain. We believe this can be reduced by maintaining general health and healthy eating and exercise. We also hold that it is possible to develop a brain capacity called cognitive reserve to keep the brain from enduring its internal damage. This can be achieved by actively maintaining social and mental life, "he noted.

For this reason, scientists, marriages and cares each partner provides to each other are those factors that contribute to reducing the risk of later life disease. Journal of Neuroscience, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry

Interestingly, this is not the first time that something has come to light. In the journal Journals of Gerontology published a study on the topic of close friendliness to reduce the risk of mental illness last month. There scientists have confirmed that the quality of friendship is more important than the number of friends.

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