More Education Conveniently Affects Health

Diploma can give us a better place to work and higher salary, but according to new research, more education has a very good impact on our health as it reduces the possibility of developing heart disease.

The relationship between education and heart disease was noted by scientists from the University of Oxford and the London College. The study involved 500,000 people. According to their knowledge, 3.6 years of additional education reduced the risk of coronary heart disease for one third by the respondents.

People who had more education also had a lower body mass index, lower blood fat levels, and a lot of non-smokers among them.

One of the authors of the study, Dr. Julien Vaucher says: "Our results show that one part of the relationship between education and good health can be explained by the fact that many respondents were non-smokers but when considering other respondents, the relationship is fairly mysterious. Politicians should find ways to extend education – perhaps by raising awareness of their well-being. "

Scientists have not focused so much on the length of education but have analyzed 162 variations of genes that were associated with years of schooling.

More and more people die from heart disease, and usually occur when heart arteries narrow down due to gradual accumulation of fat. Angina and heart attack are the most common consequences of such a condition.

Many scientists agree that this study promotes the importance of education not only for employment and finance, but also for its health benefits, especially heart health.

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