mouthwashes can cause diabetes

With toothbrush and dental floss, mouthwashes are used for daily hygiene and oral cavity health. However, in a new study, scientists from Harvard University have found that when they wash their mouth with water, they actually kill useful microbes that live in the oral cavity and protect us from diabetes and obesity

The mouthpiece is primarily intended for killing bacteria that cause dental plaque and bad breath, but according to research results, they also kill bacteria that are useful to us.

Scientists have found that people who use mouthwash twice a day can develop diabetes or increase blood sugar by 55% over a period of three years

Earlier studies have shown that poor oral health care can cause many health problems, but this is the first study that has shown that good oral health care can have unexpectedly bad consequences.
Professor of Epidemiology Kaumudi Joshipura said, Most antibacterial ingredients in mouthwash have no selective nature. In other words, they do not only affect a certain bacterium in the mouth but also other types of bacteria. "

The study included 1206 obese persons between the ages of 45 and 60 who had a high risk of developing diabetes. During the study, 17% of respondents showed diabetes. 20% of the respondents who used the drink once a day also received diabetes, and this number increased by 30% in those who used the water in the morning and evening.

Good bacteria in the mouth protect us from diabetes, and microbes help the body to produce nitrogen dioxide that regulates insulin levels and metabolism. It keeps the energy balance in the body and regulates the level of blood sugar.

Since mouthwashes contain powerful antibacterial ingredients such as triclosan, chlorhexidine, alcohol, essential oils or peroxide, scientists advise mouthwash only once a day

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