New species of tarantule found

In the Kaieteur National Park in Guyana scientists have found 30 new species of animals, including an unusual blue tarantula

This national park is already known for its wealth of plant and animal life. Among the newly discovered species there are 6 species of fish, 15 aquatic beetles, 5 spindles and one plant species.

Of the species found, scientists are the most interesting tarantula of unusual blue color. According to current data in the world there are 40 species of blue spiders. Scientists have still failed to figure out why they got such a color. Most agree that they have no role in mating. Some assume that blue color plays an important role in visual signaling and this may not be toward other tarantulas but towards members of other species. She in some ways serves them as a protection. Namely, experts think that such color helps to hide from the predators during the night.

Due to its pristine nature and its preserved ecosystem, this region is known to contain species threatened with extinction such as, for example, two species of frogs, Guyana cockroach, Cowboy or Jaguar

Guyana belongs to one of the most important states in the world when it comes to biodiversity conservation, because much of its surface is covered with forests, and plant and animal species are not found anywhere in the world.

This discovery occurred shortly after the release of a second type of blue tarantula known as Poecilotheria Metallica, which besides blue in color has white stripes. This spider can only be found in the area of ​​India called Andhra Pradesh. And this species of tarantula falls into endangered species because it is located in only one location and because of the decline in the quality of its environment.

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