Painless micro-needle patch could replace flu vaccine

Most people do not jump out of luck to remember the needle and avoid them whenever possible. Anyway, medical interventions such as local anesthesia, extraction of blood or vaccination can not pass without the inevitable encounter with a smaller or larger needle. For now. It should bring an experimental patch to that, and removing the pincushion meeting is still the least benefit it brings.

Unlike other vaccines that need to be taken only once in life or only occasionally, flu often changes, so it is recommended that people get a dose of vaccine each year. But they do not get it. And the virus is still deadly. The World Health Organization estimates that about 250,000 to 500,000 people die of flu each year

The aforementioned miracle plaster works on the principle of surface needle coverage to deliver a flu vaccine through the skin instead of a vaccine inserted by a noticeable needle.

In a recent 100-person testing, scientists have found that the patch is safe for humans and can generate antibodies, which is key to the fight against flu viruses. As a bonus, people who need a vaccine can use the patch just by skipping a meeting with a doctor's office.

Here's how it works: a microscopic needle patch, so tiny that they are almost painless, filled with a vaccine placed on the skin. Then the vaccine can enter the body preparing for the flu virus. The micro pins can then be thawed and the patch can be removed. Thus, there are no more side effects with the vaccine due to the smaller amount.

Micro pins become an increasingly popular experimental method for replacing treatments that are usually given by needles. Scientists are researching all of the cancer-causing insulin drugs for diabetes.

For a flu vaccine, this was the first time the patch was tested on humans. Before the patch can be approved, it will have to go through multiple tests to determine how well it can protect it from the flu virus.

Scientists are hoping to begin the next phase of testing that will soon involve more people, and then investigate whether the same principle can be used to vaccinate against pediatric paralysis, measles and rubella.

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