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Patient thought the feeling of discomfort came from old age


As much as contact lenses are an excellent solution to vision, so much of the disadvantage when putting them in and using them is not so unusual. We’ve all heard of the dangers threatening to leave the lens too long in the eye, but this case in the journal British Medical Journal has brought the matter to the extreme.

Patients who were on the lookout of the operation saw up to 27 accidental contact lenses in the eye. She was not even aware of this when she came to the ophthalmologist before the operation. This is a 67-year-old, and the place of action is England.

A woman who before the operation was reviewed unconscious of all the contents in her eye examined the young ophthalmologist in the practice of Rupal Morjaria. Dr. Morjaria first found something to her that turned out to be a “bluish mass”, so it would turn out to be a cluster of as many as 17 lenses. But that was not all.

With further and more detailed browsing, Dr. Morjaria found another 10 lenses. “None of us have ever seen it before,” said ophthalmologist Morjaria. “It was a huge mass because all 17 contact lenses were stuck. We were quite surprised that the patient had noticed it so far, because it could all cause quite irritation. ”

Photo: Removed contact lenses from the patient’s eye (Credit: Morjaria et al., 2017)

The patient should then have a surgical eye surgery, but surgery after a shocking discovery was delayed due to the danger of possible infection. The patient has been using monthly contact lenses for the past 35 years, but has not reported any problems with them or has gone to regular ophthalmologic examinations

“She was shocked. After coming to our house again two weeks after the lens was removed, she said her eyes were much more relaxed and comfortable. She thought her previous discomfort was the result of her age and dryness, “Dr. Morjaria told the scientific magazine.

“Nowadays when it’s just easy to buy contact lenses on the internet, people are getting worse off than regular reviews,” she added. “Contact lenses are used all the time, but if this is done in an inappropriate manner and without the necessary examinations, we often encounter people with serious infections that can also cause vision loss.”

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