Raw meat can be dangerous for cats and dogs

One of the reasons why some people decide for raw food for their pets is that it is "more natural" for them. Such nutrition based on raw foods has become quite popular in the last 10 or more years, but along with the growing popularity of this trend, the growing controversy is also associated with the benefits that this type of diet brings. Not only for animals.

Raw meat as a food, which many praise as an easily digestible and quite nutritious supernatural for cat cats, may endanger the health of pets as well as their owners, warn scientists.

A study of frozen, raw meat products sold at various pet stores and in many supermarkets in the Netherlands where they are very eager to buy even more than half of all dog owners has shown a somewhat worrying levels of parasites and bacteria in them, published by Dutch scientists in the scientific journal Vet Record .

Among other things, bacteria such as E. coli, liver and salmonella have been found in such meat, which can cause various types of infections, from mild to to severe, and parasitic toxoplasma gondii, which can cause toxoplasmosis, through pets can also infect people.

"It is perfectly clear that commercial products based on raw meat can be contaminated with a variety of zoonotic parasitic and bacterial pathogens," the authors wrote.

From all these pathogens, animals can be sick, but also people who are dealing with raw meat or somehow come in close contact with infected animals licking their hands or faces. Of the 35 commodities of raw meat, eight (23 percent) contained E. coli strain that was hazardous to humans, and each had traces of salmonella and almost every other of them traces of leaf. Two products were infected with toxoplasma gondii.

"This is the opposite of dry and canned dog food that is seldom contaminated with pathogens," scientists said. "It is important that people are informed of all the possible risks of feeding their pets with raw meat, just as much about the necessary personal hygiene and the necessity of proper handling of raw meat," they wrote in the study.

At the same time, various claims that raw meat is extremely nutritious for pets are "not supported by evidence," they added.

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