Smokers are less attracted to other people

Results of the study showed something interesting

Scientists have been interested in smoking research many times so far, but one of the recent studies has shown something different not directly related to health. In short, one study deals with how smokers are attracted and look recognizable as smokers to other people.

A little over 500 respondents participated in the study conducted at the University of Bristol. All of them had the task of watching the photos of identical twins. The first goal of the study was to find out whether only smokers could be identified on the basis of the photograph, and the other was to determine how much smoking affects the person's appeal.

There are many factors that may affect the appearance of a person, including age, gender, and the environment. Therefore, the use of identical identical twin faces in the study allowed scientists a certain degree of control they needed to achieve the exact results

"Since such twin share almost all of their genetic materials, the differences between them in their appearance can then be attributed to the influences of the environment and the lifestyle they have chosen, including differences in behavior in a lifestyle such as smoking," states in the studio.

Male and female prototype twin faces were used in the experiment. The results of the study were surprisingly high on the side of recognizing twins of non-smokers. In as many as 70 percent of cases, respondents correctly determined who is the default twin smoker. Both men and women who participated in the research almost unanimously selected non-smokers as more attractive.


Scientists believe that finding results can serve as a tool for anti-smoking campaigns, especially young smokers. "Young people are particularly vulnerable to possible adverse smoking side effects that could affect their appearance, is stated in the study.

"Findings, especially those for prototypes that are characteristic features of smokers and non-smokers, have the potential to be useful in developing and improving intervention in changing smoking behavior."

Another another study released in June this year, revealed the number of smoking dropping

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