Spanish prisoner revived before autopsy

On the edge of science

Three doctors declared him dead

Spanish prison system of earthquake scandal that is most interesting from a medical point of view. 29-year-old Gonzalo Montoya Jimenez served a plunder sentence in the Asturias jail, and one morning the guard was found in his cell without signs of life. Death by two attending physicians who reviewed the body was confirmed

An hour later the body was also examined by a forensic doctor. Only then, four hours later, in the morgue, he discovered that something went wrong. The body of Jimenez was then kept cool and even traced with a marker for the scalpels that were supposed to follow on the autopsy being prepared.

Fortunately forensics heard the sound from the bag in which it was kept to reveal that the prisoner was not dead at all. He was urgently transferred to another nursing hospital where he was confirmed that his condition was stable. A prison spokesman confirmed that they did not know what had happened and that the death of the inmates had been confirmed by three different doctors.

It is interesting that Jimenez, on the same day as his "false death", complained that he was bad. The guards and doctors found him with signs of cyanosis (skin color blush caused by poor circulation and lack of oxygen) and light stiffness.

Hospital officials have told the Spanish media that apparent death could have been caused by catalepsy, a condition in which the body enters trans or a condition like seizures, manifested by loss of consciousness, along with physical constipation.

It is unclear how Jimenez became cataleptic, but he was suffering from epilepsy with which it could be related and taking medication for that condition. His family argues that it has not always been easy to adhere to regular drug taking in jail and urges something to be done on this issue. The family is also considering a lawsuit against the prison, because the suspicion that only one physician properly examined the body, while others simply copied papyrus.

An official investigation was also opened to find out if there was any omission in the case and during that time Jimenez recovered at the hospital where he started talking after 24 hours there, which doctors confirm as a good sign. First he asked to see his wife.

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