The advocate of the theory that Earth's flat panel made a rocket to do it myself

At the Edge of Science

His trip is sponsored by the 'Research Flat Earth' group and everyone is convinced that he will "prove once more that Earth is flat" once

Mike Hughes, the 61-year-old California limousine driver, has always believed Earth is a flat panel. In order to convince himself, he has decided to build a rocket he hopes will take him enough to be able to 'destroy' the world's biggest misleading, says Independent UK.

From a stack of iron, he managed to make a rocket and cost about $ 20,000, or about 130,000 kunas.

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"I do not believe in science," Hughes admitted to AP. "I know about aerodynamics and how things are moving through the air, I know about drives, etc. But it's not science, it's just a formula. There is no difference between science and science fiction. "

His trip is sponsored by the "Research Flat Earth" group and everyone is convinced that "once more it will prove to be Earth's steady," reports Independent UK. Hughes also hopes his discovery will reveal other undiscovered secrets.

"The claim that Earth is not straight is the Queen deceived. That is, after the first dominoes fall and people begin to adore, then the whole line of dominance will fall, "says Hughes.

You think you must be crazy not to be afraid of such an undertaking

"It's terribly scary, but no one is ever leaving this world alive. I love doing incredible things that nobody else can and nobody in the history of mankind has designed and built a rocket and has flown in, "said Hughes.

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