The first human hair transplant operation was performed

Taking just a brief break from taking space on the covers, controversial neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero returns with the assertion that the first "headache" of the world is "close" after Chinese scientists successfully carried out the first human hair transplantation .

He discovered news at a press conference in Vienna on Friday morning, reports The Telegraph . Professor Canavero claims that this venture was achieved during a 18-hour operation at Harbin Medical School in China, during which the surgeon's team successfully abandoned and then reconnected the spinal cord, nerves and blood vessels in the spine and neck

The operation was led by Dr. Xiaoping Ren, a surgeon who had previously transplanted the monkey's head and numerous rodents. It is expected that Harbin Medical School will write down the entire operation report in the next few days.

"The first human transplant on the human body was done," said Canavero crowds, according to Telegraph. "The replacement of the entire head between donor organs that are capable of brain death is the next stage. And this is the last step to formally head over for the immediate medical condition. "

In a telephone interview, Canavero told USA Today that the operation would take place in China because the scientific institutions and authorities of Europe and the US were reluctant to support the controversial operation

"The Americans did not understand," he said. "Chinese President Xi Jinping wants to return China its size. He wants China to be the only world famous. I believe that's exactly what it is. "

Plans of eccentric Italian for the first successful transplantation of the head of the living man were surrounded and stimulated by controversy. By 2015, it estimated that the operation would be completed by 2017, but this seems unlikely due to recent development rates.

Although Canavero spent several recent years writing scientific studies on the venture, mass doubts still surround the scientific legitimacy of his great promises. Arthur Caplan, head of medical ethics at Langone Medical Center at the University of New York, said Canavero was "out of the question."

Wired, neuroscientist Dean Burnett said in May in connection with a hair transplant operation: "When someone makes an extreme claim, my rule is: if they did not provide strong scientific evidence but were at TED Talk, an alarm should come on. "

Canaver's speech at the well-known TEDx Talk conference can be seen below.

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