The remains of a funeral parade of ancient 2400 years

In addition to the Xinzheng city in central China, archaeologists found a tomb that he assumed belonged to the Zhou dynasty. In one part of the tomb that has been found in the old 2400 years, remains of horses and chariots owned by a noble family.

There are 18 pits and more than 3,000 tombs found in this area. The excavations began in February, and archaeologists found four chariots and bones over 90 horses.

Research leader Ma Juncai said, "Since the robbers robbed the main tomb and the fact that we did not find any written evidence, it is difficult to determine who the tomb belongs to."

It is believed that more than 100 horses were buried in the pits and many bronze objects were found. Experts say that these items help them to discover the details of the technology and production techniques used in that period. They can also tell them more about the social status of the family and the customs associated with the last of the deceased.

Although the tomb owner has not yet been discovered, scientists believe that the three chariots belonged to a nobleman from the state of Zheng and his wife. Members of the noble families ruled this part of China in the period between 770 and 221 BC.

 Excavation of the surrounding land has already found 18 large pits containing horses and chariots and more than 3,000 tombs.

A carriage differs from others because it is bigger and more gorgeous, indicating that it probably played a greater role at the funeral ceremony itself. Its length is about 2.56 m and its width is 1.66 m. It was protected by sun and rain and was decorated with bronze and bonnets. Scientists believe that horses were killed before they were laid in a pit beside the owner's tomb, and the chariot was dismantled and put on top. More 3 pits have been found in this area, and this is the largest one. Experts now denote all objects and remains of animals that will go on further analysis.

 Archaeologists made the discovery near the city of Xinzheng, in central China's Henan Province

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