The robot that worked in the factory now hired as a DJ

Artificial intelligence has so advanced that even robots can, if they do not "choose what to deal with", then at least change their professions. In some way. Can I trade stocks, recommend food in restaurants or give diagnoses, but can they even start people dancing on a dance floor?

Tom decided to deal with the Karlovy Lazne Music Club, which was employed by no less than a robot. And this is a specially adapted robot, or a former "employee" of the automotive factory, which has become a DJ now.

The robot itself is shaped like a giant hand with pliers, and in its new workplace shares the job of launching music with a human developer (who has also programmed it) and with which he has been swapping every hour for the last few weeks. The robotic DJ was, after all, created after the discotheque's leadership caused the robot company to do so.

The DJ robot reported by the media around the world is equipped with special software that helps him pick songs and is placed on the stage above the dance floor. The robot chooses CDs from the shelves and places them on one of the three players placed in front of them. He is perfectly capable of mixing the song individually and looks like he sometimes relaxes himself and dance himself. How much is it possible since it is a robotic hand.

"People are excited because they've never seen anything like this in Europe, and I'm not sure that anything like this anywhere in the world," said Adam Lipsansky, manager of the club.

It was also interesting to see the reactions of the club's visitor to the new "employee" and star of the staff. Some visitors said they enjoyed exotic robot DJ performances, but others were not overly inclined.

"I do not like a robot," admitted Marcia Lopes, a 24-year-old tourist from Mexico. "He can not feel what people want to dance. No emotion behind that music. When there's a real person there, she knows what's fun. "

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