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In a small village along Pergau River in Sungai Rualu, linguists have found people who speak a language that they have been unknown to date. The language is called jedek and it is spoken by about 280 people.

For this tribe it could be said that in some things and life's looks far more advanced than many more developed cultures. In this community there is greater gender equality than in Western societies. They do not approve of violence as well as competition among children.

Such a way of life has also reflected on their language in which there are no words that indicate the notion of possessions such as, for example, buy, sell, borrow or steal. However, they have many words that indicate sharing, sharing, and collaboration.

Linguists Niclas Burenhult and Joanne Yager from Lund, Sweden, discovered this language while studying the language jahai in that same area. Researchers have long discovered this tribe and its members are not completely isolated from the outside world. Many people and scientists visited and studied them, but no one has recorded that they are talking in an unknown language.

"We realized that a great deal of people in the village speak different languages. They used phoneme, words and grammatical structures that did not exist in the language jahai . "

As globalization increasingly takes sting, strange languages ​​are increasingly extinct. There are currently over 6,000 languages ​​in the world, of which 40% of languages ​​could soon disappear. According to scientists, in the next 100 years it is likely that more than half of these languages ​​will no longer exist.

With the help of documenting and nurturing languages ​​such as Jedi, the linguists hopes to contribute to the preservation of lesser-known cultures, because modern and urban societies endanger and badly affect the cultural richness of small communities.

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