Walking on Water is Possible

You do not have to be Jesus, you just need to have the right water.

How is it at all possible, are you wondering? It's nothing new either. Water and corn starch are a winning combination.

Namely, maize starch particles have an unusual feature that water comes into a very firm surface when they are subjected to sudden pressure.

"Try fisting in such a solution and you'll probably break your wrist," warned Scott Waitukaitis, a physicist at the University of Chicago, who was trying to explore the scientific background of popular YouTube videos.

Experiments have already shown that water in which the same amount of starch dissolved is not the same as other fluids. If you dive in your hand slowly, it will slip without too much resistance, but if you smack on the same surface, it will stop suddenly

To expose the forces here in action, the scientists hit that mix of metal pillar and then analyzed the consequences. X-ray images of this opaque fluid have proven that the material is moving below the surface.

The simulations that were based on these data revealed that a sudden blow simply exhumed the water from the space between the particles. At that moment the friction between the particles stays in the scene, then they begin to behave like a solid.

"I was pretty surprised by the results," admitted Daniel Bonn, a physicist at the University of Amsterdam, who invented a similar mechanism in investigating the behavior of bullets fired in the starch solution.

Such an interesting stinging behavior could probably be used to create liquid pancakes, for example, a solution of a strong Kevlar material.

Although scientists have been studying this unusual phenomenon for decades, no one has yet been able to explain why a starch solution hardened during impact until sand and dough live, although all of these substances are made up of particles dissolved in liquids.

You can see video footage that walking feet (and jumps) on the water fail to penetrate through a mixture of water and starch because the particles are stained and hardened as snow when it collects the dumbbell

At the same time other people can swim unharmed in that same blend.

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