What does marijuana make of sperm?

Sperm, in short, do not like marijuana

There is no news that smoking marijuana makes a man somewhat slow and slim, but you certainly did not know that it could do the same with sperm. Not so long ago there has been a recent research suggesting that marijuana consumption may reduce sperm count by almost one third – this is due only to a few junctions per week. A separate 2014 study has indicated that men who are under the age of 30 and who are regular consumers report the risk of “poor sperm” whatever this is.

These were not the only studies that showed that regular use of marijuana could seriously affect male fertility, but they did appear in public. Not only is male fertility questionable, but marijuana can also reduce fertility in women by suppressing ovulation, according to some previous studies. This, however, should not be considered a reliable method of contraception. Studying the effects of marijuana on fertility, sperm, in particular, is not a new thing. What’s new is offered by the following study, namely, again, sperm again, writes IFL Science .

According to Victor Chow, a professor at the University of British Columbia, it’s not just about changing sperm counts. Marijuana also allegedly affects their mobility. “Evidence suggests that marijuana has a negative impact not only on the number of sperm but also on their function,” Chow explained. So if they do not do what they should do, what’s going on? Obviously, marijuana makes them “lazy” and causes them to swim in circles.

Occasional consumption is unlikely to harm much, but Chow warned that it would “definitely affect sperm quality in more difficult users”. The reason for such an immediate effect on male fertility, explains Chow, is because “sperm is a very fast developing cell”. This in fact means that while women are born with all the eggs they will ever get, men are constantly creating new sperm.

Dr. Armand Zini, associate professor of urology at McGill University and a male fertility expert, admitted in the same article that science is not entirely sure about that. There were not many studies, according to Zinio, and most of the sperm-related sperm related to the sperm of the animal. However, he notes: “Although we may not have the strongest information about it, there are some evidence that supports what we’ve been researching.”

It seems that the conclusion is that more research is needed. It can not be excluded that men who smoke marijuana generally lead to an unhealthy lifestyle, which can affect the quality of their semen and the level of hormones, scientists say. Indeed, in previous studies, alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes were considered, but the results remained the same.


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