When should the elevated body temperature drop?

Sometimes it needs a fresh reminder of how to behave when an elevated body temperature occurs because there are frequent mistakes of unnecessary reductions that might get off to the body itself. We all have probably heard one or more times when we can reach lower temperatures, but we really need to understand the processes in the body behind it.

The German Medical Journal Apotheken Umschau recalls that elevated body temperature can only drop when it reaches 38.5 degrees Celsius.

Namely, in the colder days, the number of people who have been affected by colds, infections or infections caused by bacteria and viruses is increased, and they often have escorts in the form of elevated temperatures. It is a natural and healthy reaction of our organism to inflammation and infection and our most powerful inborn protection against bacteria and viruses.

The degree of fever does not necessarily point to the seriousness of the situation. Even a minor disease is causing a higher body temperature, and sometimes a more serious disease does not have to significantly raise the body temperature. The only consequence of a mild increase in temperature in the fever would be the acceleration of metabolism, which helps in the fight against inflammation and infection.

High temperature (fever) is a condition when the body temperature rises above the normal range. It is so different from an individual to an individual. At temperatures above 39 degrees Celsius, microbes can not reproduce. The ability of the organism to develop high temperatures often points to vitality and a powerful organism.

At high body temperature, metabolic processes are accelerated by as much as 5 to 8 times, then production of interferons that prevent viral growth is increased and plasma iron levels are reduced and this is important to prevent bacterial growth. It also simultaneously increases the activity and mobility of white blood cells that then destroy microbes

When it comes to a mildly elevated temperature, which is not higher than just 37.8 degrees, doctors never recommend dropping medication, because such a disease that causes the temperature may be prolonged.

It is to be said that viruses that cause colds and other respiratory infections are progressing at normal body temperature, while provoking a slightly elevated body temperature the organism is likely to eliminate the virus

High body temperature is usually lowered with drugs such as bulbs, paracetamol and similar analgesics and antipyretics. For a short while, it also helps to put on the lace, as well as to shower with lukewarm water.

Medical help should be sought when the body temperature reaches 40 degrees and does not drop lower without medication either after 3 days and is accompanied by a feeling of strong exhaustion

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