With plants in the office of stress and disease

If you fill your work space with indoor plants, they will purify the air from various toxic chemicals and help you get healthier and lower your stress levels, according to an Australian study. In addition, results from similar early NASA researchers .

Conclusion is particularly concerned with working spaces in skyscrapers with built-in ventilation systems that help the virus to spread more rapidly

Green spaces stimulate a sense of calmness and relaxation, and are very useful for treating air from some toxic chemicals and maintaining optimal indoor moisture levels, Eddie van Etten and Pierre Horwitz, associates of the Australian Center for Management of Ecosystems at Edith Cowan University.

One of the many chemical compounds that are released from the office furniture, PVC joinery, wallpaper, linoleum and all kinds of detergents are – formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds that irritate the eyes, throat and nose mucous membranes and allergic contact dermatitis . They also negatively affect the function of the upper respiratory tract and may cause headaches.

Among other office chemicals toxic chemicals are benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene, and even ammonia from various cleaning agents.

"It would be ideal for the office to bring plants that purify the air from the pathogen, improve the office mix of bacteria and survive with little light and little concern about them," says Dr. Van Etten, pointing out that the high levels of carbon dioxide discharged by a person in the work room, make the space freezing, especially if there are no air conditioners in the room.

Room plants act like a kind of biological filter, collecting all the dust on their leaves, absorbing bad substances and releasing oxygen.

While offices can function as fertile ground for the development of dangerous bacteria that cause disease, there are also those bacterial-related bacteria that affect the working environment positively, according to Etten and Horwitz.

"These would be recombinant bacteria that break down herbicides on non-toxic products. Sometimes the roots of plants are cleaved with recombinant bacteria. Plants then drain water through the roots that pass by the bacteria they remove, for example heavy metals, "the scientists said.

Study conducted by NASA has shown that indoor plants purify the air, thus preventing the spread of diseases that develop from the virus. Certain species of plants are perfect in the fight against insomnia, colds or tension in the chest, and NASA scientists have found this in their research.

Etten and Horwitz after all recommend the office space to purchase dwarf bamboo palm or palm trees, then the Alamo Verus, Boston Peat, English Ivy, green lily, Aglaonemu, Spathiphyllum, dwarf date, dam palm or ficus.

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